Creativity loves constraints, but they must be balanced with a healthy disregard for the impossible.
— Marissa Mayer

I love visual expression.
I love how design can influence positive change in culture.
I love to experiment and explore.
I'm inspired by good branding & good typography.
I have been drawing type since I was 12.
I love listening to new music, loudly.
I love analog processes in design and photography.
I love screenprinting.
I love a good cup of coffee.
I judge books by their covers.
I love the smell of fresh ink on paper.
I love rock climbing.
I graduated from Sac State with a BS in Graphic Design.
I currently work in Downtown Sacramento at Position Interactive with two really cool dudes. 
I run a silkscreen press on the side with 3 friends.
We are called Interval Press.
Thanks for checking out my site.
Feel free to get in touch!