Gracefully Complex

Last night we had a huge fundraiser out at Verge Center for the Arts (where Interval Press is located) in order to support the project and raise money for the next building phase — an exhibition gallery, offices, a print lab, and more studios! So Ben, John, and I decided to do a live silkscreening demo and give away a limited edition of Interval originals, based on our studio and some of our favorite sayings. I chose "Gracefully Complex," which is somewhat of an inside joke, but relates well to what wo do. "We don't know what we are doing, but we do it really well." We've found that most of the time the medium of silkscreening can be more complicated of a process than we ever really anticipated, but at the same time, it is very common to get those "happy mistakes" such as misregistration and unexpected textures that really give the prints a sense of charm and individuality. We've learned to fall in love with our mistakes, embrace our failures, and continue experimenting. Below you can see my process for what was my first attempt at a complicated hand drawn script, and after that I included some photos of the three of us in action in the studio. Check out the full gallery of photos from the event at the Interval Press facebook page. Cheers!