Interval Press recently had a gallery exhibition with 100% fresh pulled ink at Bows & Arrows, a boutique/cafe located in Midtown Sacramento. We went back to our roots with this show, naming it after the zine that Ben and I started and ended back in 2008. The concept was awesome and weird and exciting, playing off of the Chromatic music scale, which includes all "half-steps" between whole notes. To represent this in a magazine layout, we formed "half-pages" with content that you had could only get to if you literally ripped open folded "whole-pages." Annoying? Maybe. But we liked the idea and were excited about a design that mimicked the concept so closely. After finishing one issue focusing on the local music scene, we quickly realized that it was just too much of an undertaking for us to continue producing issues as a two-man team, even if the zine was issued quarterly as we has originally planned. We abandoned the project and started screen-printing gig posters.  

Fast forward 5 years and we are still designing and printing gig posters for local bands. When approached by the curator of the gallery at Bows, we decided to create an entirely new collection of art prints for a show. This was an ambitious task (even for 4 graphic designers) but the end result is something that we are all proud of: 28 framed prints that play off of the Chromatic color palette. And so, Chromatic lives on, this time translated to the color wheel rather than the musical scale. We divided up the color wheel into 4 equal parts and used this parameter as a major component in our individual processes. 

Chromatic (the show) showed us how truly diverse the 4 of us at Interval Press are as designers. We all vary in our interests regarding style and subject matter, yet at the same time, we discovered a consistency in the process and the method that each of us approach the medium. It is an honor to work along side these 3 guys, and the journey has pushed me to become a better designer in the long-run.