It's All Right Here

Joel, Kenji, and I were recently asked to create a short video that would promote an upcoming conference for various students and staff members at Sacramento State. After being inspired by the "Live the Language" videos we found from EF Travel, we decided it would be fun to create one based on Sacramento, following the daily life of a student and staff member, focusing on how their lives are different and how they intersect. I can't say that this is an original idea, but we had a great time finding all the shots, learning about shooting & editing, and overall production on something like this. 

Parents Promise Silkscreening Process

I recently helped produce a large run of prints that were designed by Joel Felix. Our friend Christine Jackson came out to help as well, and Kenji Enos came and documented the entire process. The result is this great video that he put together. This really gives away 90 percent of our process in screenprinting, and goes to show that you don't need a whole lot of fancy equipment to do it. Hope you enjoy!