California Dreamin' Process

I recently enrolled in a class with Joel Felix and Hans Bennewitz on Skillshare called "Lettering: Learn to Draw Illustrative words." The main class project was to pick a phrase that you like and engage in the design process to come up with a unique lettering treatment of your phrase. I decided to represent California with high hopes that I will be able to use it for a gallery exhibition that is happening with Interval Press this Summer. Check out some of my process below. This one evolved quite a bit as I took into consideration feedback from friends, other students, and the instructor of the course. I always love looking back in hindsight and seeing how much a project changed. I struggled with it until that moment came where the letters "came alive" and really felt like they were right. 

My initial sketch. After receiving initial feedback, I determined that this was looking too formal and elegant for the phrase that I chose. Time to revise my style choice. 

I started to do several monowidth-line sketches, playing filling up the space of the circle. My goal was to achieve a sense of balance in form and negative space. 

More variations. After this, I made a key decision to switch up the style, thicken up all of the strokes, and simplify the flourishes to look like a coastal wave.

This is the revised sketch with a revamped style. Definitely feeling more fun and "California" to me. Time to take it into Illustrator for vectorizing and cleaning up the curves.

Almost there. Still have to clean up the curves and some of the spacial relationships between the letters.

I added texture to the lettering and placed it over one of my infrared images from Yosemite. 

The silkscreened version! 13x19 2-color print on French Speckletone paper. 

Script Wedding Invites

I recently got asked to do another wedding invitation for two good friends of mine. This time I wanted to approach it differently than the last, but I wasn't sure how. I have been getting a lot of practice in hand-lettering lately, so I wanted to do something for them that would be completely original and customized to the content they gave me. I really felt that the content was so beautifully written that it lent itself to become somewhat of a "mini poster" covered in bronze hand-drawn script. Below is the finished product, and the process to go along with it.